The History of WSNA

The mission of the Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance is to work together to preserve and protect the quality of residential life in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

The Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance was formed in 1998 as a grass roots organization of mainly older neighborhoods close to the city core. Since then the Alliance has grown to include many more neighborhood organizations across the city and has become a recognized voice on issues concerning neighborhoods and quality of life.

The Alliance works both on zoning issues that concern single neighborhoods as well as on citywide issues. WSNA was active in helping win concessions for the protection of neighborhoods surrounding the expansion of the Hanes Mill Landfill. It worked for the passage of UDO-118, establishing rules for Major Retail Business Zoning and was able to help defeat the placement of a major retail establishment on Reynolda Road that would have negatively impacted the Historic Oldtown neighborhood. WSNA also worked to help pass new sign regulations to cut down on sign clutter and changes in the noise ordinance to eliminate dumpster emptying near residences during the overnight hours. Other issues of concern to the organization have been greater regulation of rooming houses in residential neighborhoods, protecting neighborhoods from stormwater runoff problems, dealing with institutional encroachment in neighborhoods, controlling excessive parking on lawns, and establishing Neighborhood Conservation Overlay districts.

Recently, the organization has been very active in lobbying for a Tree Ordinance that would require the preservation of some existing trees in new development. In 2006, WSNA secured a grant from the Winston-Salem Foundation to pay for the services of a mediator to facilitate the meetings of a tree ordinance stakeholders’ committee that was set up to make recommendations to the City-County Planning Department on the content of an ordinance.

Members of WSNA have served on area plan committees and regularly participate in stakeholder groups, providing input on changes in city ordinances that affect neighborhoods.

WSNA meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Brown Building on the campus of the Children’s Home at 1001 Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem. WSNA welcomes new members.

WSNA By-Laws:
View or download the WSNA by-laws (a three-page PDF file)